Monday - Sunday for quality cuts from questionable characters


The kind of vibe, product and service that we offer here at The Godfather Barber is something we’ve fine tuned since our establishment in 2013. We are very particular when it comes to where we source our products, who we do business with and how we operate. Loyalty, respect and sharp cuts are the values that we inspire in our clients and demand of ourselves.



  • Buzz Cut $25
  • Zero/Skin Fades $40
  • Scissor cut $40
  • Kids (12 and under) $25


  • Beard Trim $10
  • Beard style $25
  • Cut throat shave $60
  • Other (moustache trims, small trimmings etc) $5
  • Beard style & 1/2 cut throat $35

The crew



Owner, operator and all round crazy bastard Rodrigo Ballaminut hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, has 20 years of experience in this industry and shows no sign of stopping. Before joining us in good ol' NZ Rod worked in Japan and Brazil, sharpening his skills and techniques. Deciding on Wellington to finally settle his bony tattooed arse, dreams of owning his own business became a reality. The one and only, Godfather of Ghuznee Street.



When he’s not shredding down the street’s on a board, robbing old ladies of their peace and quiet you’ll find him in the shop carving out a juicy flat top mullet.


The Scumbag Barber


The English Gentleman

Born in the wrong era. Sucker for anything with wheels.
Been on the tools half his life. Explored most corners of the industry and has finally realised the barber force is strong with this one. Fun top all round lad.



We like our milk imported. Hailing from the UK, Milky is the cream to our cuppa. He’s got a banter that never stops and a clipper hand that knows it way around a head of hair. He’ll provide you with the ultimate in store experience that you’ll just want yours from the UK too.


76 Ghuznee St
Te Aro


Sun: 10am - 5pm
Mon-Thurs: 9am-7pm
Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: 9am-6pm